As an active investor looking to effect operational change in our portfolio companies, we believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to a wide stakeholder group, and to society at large, to encourage our portfolio companies to adopt high ethical standards and to act in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • We believe that regular and effective review and management of ESG issues have a positive impact on customer perception, financial performance and value of our portfolio companies and that Responsible Investing is well aligned to our core business strategy and that of our investors.
  • OpCapita is committed to ensuring that ESG factors are considered across the investment lifecycle of its investments, alongside financial and business performance considerations, and within its own operations.
New Responsible Investment Policy adopted in 2015
Signatory of
Annual reviews conducted at each portfolio company
We aim to align our activities with relevant national and international standards. Our core principles are influenced and informed by the UN Global Compact and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • Maintain the highest standards of business integrity and corporate governance at all times
  • Encourage compliance with relevant local laws and regulations and, where appropriate, relevant international standards
  • Respect international human and labour rights principles
  • Oppose all forms of discriminatory work practices
  • Maintain a zero tolerance approach toward bribery, corruption and anti-competitive practice of any nature
  • Promote high levels of workplace health and safety standards
  • Promote sustainability and minimise the impact of business activities on the environment
  • Develop a culture of transparency through timely disclosure of relevant matters to key stakeholders