operational expertise + financial acumen =
Casual dining
June 2018
Fund Investment Date:
Gross Turnover at Acquisition (incl. franchising):
€150 million
OpCapita Executives:
Stephan Alexander & Josh Spoerri
Key Facts
Rossopomodoro is the flagship restaurant chain within Sebeto Group – the leading operator of casual-dining restaurants in Italy and 11 other countries. Rossopomodoro is the second best-known restaurant chain in Italy after McDonald's, with a strong identity and a very high brand awareness. It has more than 60 branches across the country and more than 20 outlets internationally, including in the US, the UK, Portugal, Denmark and Brazil. It also has a partnership with Eataly, the upmarket Italian food emporium in the US, Germany, Sweden and Brazil to provide a Neapolitan pizza offering in Eataly's international branches.

In addition to Rossopomodoro, the Sebeto Group operates four other brands with a combined total of more than 140 restaurants globally. OpCapita acquired the Sebeto Group in June 2018 from Change Capital Partners and its founder shareholders.

The casual dining sector in Italy is still in its infancy, but is growing rapidly, with an average increase of 8% per year since 2006. Branded multi-site operators are outperforming the overall market and gaining a progressively stronger share. This positive trend is benefitting all the chains operating in Italy and further significant growth is expected over the next years.

Beyond the macro trends within the Italian casual dining sector, OpCapita has identified and assessed multiple areas – including store operations, procurement, and channels – in which disciplined operational focus will drive a material increase in profitability. From a refined and increasingly profitable core, OpCapita will continue to leverage the authentic Italian/Neapolitan identity of the Rossopomodoro concept to continue to profitably develop the brand in its core Italian market as well as internationally.

Since our investment, we have:
  • Identified and recruited senior management
  • Rationalised non-core brands and locations
  • Refocused development priorities
  • Launched operational improvement pilots in selected sites
restaurants globally
c. €150m
gross yearly turnover (incl. franchising)
best known restaurant brand in Italy, only behind McDonald's